• * Electro Sheets
  • * Sample Connectors
  • * Pre-production Springs for Validation
  • * Prototypes and Smaller Batches in Contacts
  • * Smaller Batches in Cable-Shoes
  • * Prototype Busbars
  • * Sample Parts Brush Holder, etc. Mounted for Functional Tests
  • mechaSYS GmbH, Christinstr. 18, 75177 Pforzheim, Germany


09.2011 Foundation of mechaSYS GmbH as development-partner for sheet-metal parts


01.2012 Start of production: sample-parts in sheet-metal

08.2012 Relocation in new facility, Karlstraße 5/1, 75228 Ispringen, Germany


09.2014 Certification DIN-ISO 9001:2008

11.2014 Extension in above flat,


02.2015 Expansion in quality, digital measurement-systems

04.2016 Grounding for new facility,

11.2016 Relocation in new facility,Christinstraße 18, 75177 Pforzheim, Germany,

                432m² production and

                160m² office

01.2017 Facility-change: mechaSYS GmbH, Christinstraße 18, 75177 Pforzheim, Germany

02.2017 New machinery in laser-cutting by STIEFELMAYER "effective S" also for electro-sheets

09.2019 Registration Utility Model DE202017105620U1

10.2017 Certification DIN-ISO 9001:2015

03.2018 Installation of 30 kWp solar panels for GREEN energy

05.2018 Setup of robotic-cell

07.2018 Setup of inhouse developed CNC-laserwelding machine

01.2019 Implementation of CAD-System VISI

02.2019 Grounding 2nd construction phase

07.2019 Commissioning of press conversion with additional feed control

09.2019 Completion of facility extension

                new 324m² production; total 756m²

                new 210m² office; total 370m²

                full air conditioning of complete production and quality

10.2019 Installation of additional 10 kWp solar panels for GREEN energy

01.2020 First drawing-free progressive tool (purely 3D data with features by VISI)

07.2020 Expansion of manufacturing in terms of folding machine for thicker sheet thicknesses

08.2021 Expansion of qualitiy department by coordinate measuring machine ZEISS DuraMax5/5/5

01.2022 New machinery in laser-cutting by STIEFELMAYER "effective L" also for electro-sheets