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20.07.2018 CNC-Laserwelding machine


increased requirements in quality for laserwelded pressfit areas was the reason to develop our own CNC-laserwelding machine:



      • Single pins punched
      • 2nd contour lasercutted
      • assembled and laserwelded


Pressfit pins in individual distances

without expensive tool changes for punching tool


 Video on YouTube


01.03.2018 Raw-Material, Strip-Material Milled in Thickness


stamping-grigs in Press-In-Technology, raw-material milled area in thickness:


  • Milling on convential milling machine, tolerances in thickness +/-0.015
  • Lasercutting out of pre-stamped strip-material (press-in area) - plating-strips
  • Coining of connectors
  • Plating both sides individual
  • Bending
  • Singulation

20.11.2014 Automotive


Connector-Modul in Press-In-Technology (Engine nearby Application):

from prototype (functional sample) to C-sample:

  • lasercutting out of pre-stamped strip-material (press-in area)
  • coining of connectors
  • Plating (Cu, Ni, Sn100 and Ag, passivated)
  • Molding (PBT GF30)
    (separation of contacts in molding toll integrated)

15.04.2013 Automotive/ Consumer

Pitch corrections in stamping part for press fit EloPin pitch from 5,08mm reduced to 4,0mm

19.12.2011 consumer

Laser-cleaning - optimization of parameters:
abrasion of colophony on top of AuCo0,3-contacts:

Krypton-Fluorid-Excimer-laser (wave-length 248nm), electrical animanted;
Sequence of pictures: primitive state, cleaning 500 and 980 pulses past,
process time 2.8 sec.

28.11.2011 Automotive

Start of Production for Brush-Holder-System:
Definition of reference standard in spring characteristic as well as projectmanagement until mass-produktion (SOP)











increase in productivity/ to limit consequences of machinery hazard incidents until Run@Rate:

09.09.2011 Medical Engineering


Application in prothetics
- details are subject to restrictions. -

02.11.2011 Consumer

Optimization of Laserweld Seam for Consumer-Industry:
Requirement to the overlapping seam:

no visibility of the seam after surface finishing on outer  shape
welding-partners each 1.4301 t=0.3mm