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15.07.2019 Stamping/ Progessive Die Technology

Endless or strip sections, bending technology for rack electroplating or laser strips

A lack of skilled workers and increasing numbers in the prototype phase have led us to design and build a machine for endless belt and/ or strip sections.

This enables us to produce reliable small batches for our customers.

Laser cut for flexible customer requirements in cutting geometry, stamping and bending technology as in series production.

In addition: Everything naturally measured on our KEYENCE IM 6125 including statistical evaluation.

Typically quantities of 5,000 to 500,000 parts/ set per year.

Concept of Press and Contoll Unit

20.07.2018 CNC-Laser Welding Technology

Inhouse developed CNC-Laser Welding Machine

Increasing quality requirements in laser welding technology have prompted us to develop our own CNC laser welding machine.

Follwing: laser welding process of press-fit aeres in customer-specific distances.
Your advantage: No conversion costs for high-precision punching tools are required.

 Laser welding of press-fit pins for printed circuit board press-in technology (here exemplary: EloPin)




01.03.2018 Raw-Material, Strip-Material Milled in Thickness

Stamping-Grids in Press-In-Technology


  • Milling on convential milling machine, tolerances in thickness +/-0.015
  • Lasercutting out of pre-stamped strip-material (press-in area) - plating-strips
  • Coining of connectors
  • Plating both sides individual
  • Bending
  • Singulation

20.11.2014 Automotive

Connector-Modul in Press-In-Technology (Engine nearby Application)

from prototype (functional sample) to C-sample:

  • lasercutting out of pre-stamped strip-material (press-in area)
  • coining of connectors
  • Plating (Cu, Ni, Sn100 and Ag, passivated)
  • Molding (PBT GF30)
    (separation of contacts in molding toll integrated)

Connector-Modul in Press-In-Technology detail1

Connector-Modul in Press-In-Technology detail2

15.04.2013 Automotive/ Consumer

Pitch corrections in stamping part for press fit EloPin pitch from 5,08mm reduced to 4,0mm

Pitch corrections in stamping part for press

19.12.2011 Laser-Cleaning - Optimization of Parameters

Abrasion of Colophony on Top of AuCo0,3 - Contacts

Krypton-Fluorid-Excimer-laser (wave-length 248nm), electrical animanted;
Sequence of pictures: primitive state, cleaning 500 and 980 pulses past,
process time 2.8 sec.

Laser-cleaning - optimization of parameters

28.11.2011 Automotive

Start of Production for Brush-Holder-System:

Definition of reference standard in spring characteristic as well as project management until mass-produktion (SOP)

pictogram Start of Production for Brush-Holder-Systemdiagram 1  Start of Production for Brush-Holder-System











increase in productivity/ to limit consequences of machinery hazard incidents until Run@Rate:

diagram 2 Start of Production for Brush-Holder-System

02.11.2011 Consumer

Optimization of Laser Weld Seam for Consumer-Industry

Requirement to the overlapping seam:

no visibility of the seam after surface finishing on outer  shape
welding-partners each 1.4301 t=0.3mm

Optimization of Laserweld Seam for Consumer-Industry