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Laser Cutting of Sheet Metal


In laser cutting, we can process all metallic, non-toxic materials in the material thicknesses of 0.2 to 2.0mm precisely. The laser processing takes place without contact.

Due to our extremely small focus of 0.05mm by fiber laser, we generally produce a cutting gap of 0.07mm, so that filigree contours (especially inner contours) can be generated without mechanical stress.

Thus, high-quality and precise samples, prototypes or small series in contract manufacturing are possible. - Accuracies of +/- 0.01mm, which in the sealing area when over-molding to complete plugs satisfy.


Precision in the laser machining of sheet metal

Our laser systems cuts the sheet more accurately and faster than standard laser systems, which is made possible by the use of linear technology in the drives. Therefore, the machines are also suitable for pure contract work. Thus, the laser offers considerable advantage when especially thin sheets are to be processed.


Materials - each metal: 

  • • Non-ferrous metals (Cu, CuSn0,15, CuSn6, CuZn30, CuZn37, CuNiSi, ...), 
  • • steel, Hilumin, 
  • • stainless steel (1.4301 = AISI 304, 1.4404 = AISI 316L ...), 
  • • spring steel (1.4310 = AISI 301), 
  • • Titanium, 
  • • electrical sheets (M235, M270, NO20, NO30, ...), ...
  • No CuBe (Copper-Beryllium alloy) caused by toxic cutting steam.



Sheet thickness from 0.2mm to 2.0mm, max. metal sheets of 1.250mm x 1.250mm


Industry sectors

The laser cutting technology is suitable for applications in almost every industry such as


  • • Automotive / Automotive
  • • White goods (household appliances)
  • • Medical technology
  • • Electrical engineering
  • • Precision engineering
  • • Jewelry and watches
  • • other industries


Examples of end products, samples and prototypes

Laserschneiden Stanzgitter
Product examples: laser cutted leadframes/ grids, partly embossed and bent and even electro plated
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