• * Electro Sheets
  • * Sample Connectors
  • * Pre-production Springs for Validation
  • * Prototypes and Smaller Batches in Contacts
  • * Smaller Batches in Cable-Shoes
  • * Prototype Busbars
  • * Sample Parts Brush Holder, etc. Mounted for Functional Tests
  • mechaSYS GmbH, Christinstr. 18, 75177 Pforzheim, Germany

Quality Engineering


Release parts are tested with the latest measuring equipment and the accompanying measurements are carried out.

Here tactile measuring devices such as vernier calipers, outside micrometers and projectors also use measuring projectors and digital measuring technology.

All measuring equipment is subject to the annual measuring equipment monitoring - standard for us as a 9001-certified company.

We are happy to assist you and our equipment for wage measurement.


Excerpt from the measuring equipment list:

  • Keyence IM 6125 transmitted-light projector
  • Keyence VHX measuring microscope
  • Zeiss DuraMax 500, 3D
  • Mitutoyo PV 5000 measurement projector
  • Micrometer 0-25mm with electr. digital display
  • Mitutoyo-Digimatic calipers
  • ...

Measurement SystemQualitätstechnikVHX von Keyence