• * Electro Sheets
  • * Sample Connectors
  • * Pre-production Springs for Validation
  • * Prototypes and Smaller Batches in Contacts
  • * Smaller Batches in Cable-Shoes
  • * Prototype Busbars
  • * Sample Parts Brush Holder, etc. Mounted for Functional Tests
  • mechaSYS GmbH, Christinstr. 18, 75177 Pforzheim, Germany

We offer prototypes and small batch series mostly withot any tool costs with short delivery time.


Single sheets laser cutted, stacked by baking or laser welding.

Electrical Sheet

We develop inovative solutions for your individual tasks.

Product developement

Prototyping service - often WITHOUT tool costs

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Prototyping service from experts - fast, precise, reliable, Europe-wide: mechaSYS GmbH - Mechatronik mit System - from Pforzheim, the region of precision manufacturing in Baden-Württemberg, is your experienced and competent partner when it comes to the production of prototypes, samples and Small series for mechatronic applications are often possible WITHOUT proportional tool costs due to our bending kit!
Extensive selection of materials including thicknesses and strengths in stock (copper alloys: CuSn0.15, CuSn6, CuZn, CuNiSi ..., steels such as C75S, DC01 ..., stainless steel 1.4301, spring steel 1.4310, electrical sheet: NO20-1500; NO30-1500, M270- 35, M270-50, ...).

In addition, we carry pre-punching tapes from a wide variety of licensors in PCB pressfit technology, also known as flexible press-fit zones, in thicknesses of 0.4, 0.6 and 0.8 mm in CuSn6 (B16, Wieland), CuNiSi (K55, Wieland or Stol76M, KME) or 1.2mm in CuSn0,15 (K81, Wieland) or CuCrAgFeTiSi (K88, Wieland) in order to be able to produce your customer-specific plugs and connection technology.


Fast, precise laser cutting and water jet cutting

The two crucial manufacturing processes that we use to manufacture your prototype or sample are laser cutting and water jet cutting. Our computer-controlled systems can work out even the most delicate shapes from almost any material. The use of lasers is recommended when thinner sheets are to be processed; typically sheet thickness of 0.2 to 2.0 millimeters.
Here we have a special feature: one of our systems is faster and more precise than standard laser systems due to linear technology in the drives.

An ideal prerequisite for pure contract work! -The machine is currently only available twice in the wage sector in Germany.
Cutting with a water jet, on the other hand, has the advantage that no thermal energy whatsoever acts on the material during the separation. Precise, economical cuts up to a sheet thickness of 4 millimeters can be easily implemented here.

Prototype construction, electrical sheet metal, product development and project management

The prototypes of your new component or product will be realized by us according to your ideas and specifications. Our focus is on laser and water jet cutting technology as well as stamping and bending technology, supplemented by electroplating and laser welding technology. We produce a single piece for you, prototypes as well as a small series, always with an eye for possible implementation in series.
The prototyping service of mechaSYS GmbH is cost-effective and efficient, thanks to our innovative modular bending kit - often WITHOUT any proportionate tool costs.
Your advantage: You only have one contact person for laser cutting, punching, embossing and bending, including electroplating and / or assembly.
I.e. on the other hand, time for planning your series production process.
Using the latest laser and packaging technology, we have the option of creating complete rotor and stator packages in electrical steel.
Various materials are in stock with us!
In addition to the production of prototypes, product and process development is also part of our field of activity: Our experts work closely with you and your employees. We deal with development as well as construction - speak to us specifically about this service.
The last pillar of mechaSYS GmbH is project management: on your behalf, we carry out the feasibility study and coordinate all the suppliers involved for you. It goes without saying that we also manufacture the prototype ourselves.

Sample, prototype and small series production - everything from a single source

If you are still in the testing phase in the development of your component, mechaSYS GmbH is also the experienced supplier at your side: We have been active in sample production for many years. Make use of our wealth of experience. We would be happy to assist you with the planning and implementation of your design samples. Because with us, the customer comes back, not the goods!
Whether a single piece or a small series: the samples and the samples for your new component or product are in the best of hands with mechaSYS GmbH. Your contact for all matters: Contact us now if you would like to take advantage of our prototyping service.
We are looking forward to your order!