• * Electro Sheets
  • * Sample Connectors
  • * Pre-production Springs for Validation
  • * Prototypes and Smaller Batches in Contacts
  • * Smaller Batches in Cable-Shoes
  • * Prototype Busbars
  • * Sample Parts Brush Holder, etc. Mounted for Functional Tests
  • mechaSYS GmbH, Christinstr. 18, 75177 Pforzheim, Germany

Product Development

Progress-reduction in pre-stamping part:

Customer requirement::
Feed 4,0mm for double-pin/ final part



Feed in pre-stamping part 5,08mm;



  • Pre-stamping strip (EloPin pressfit contact) was lasercutted/ punched by sample-tool in puzzle geometry by feed 4,0mm,
  • assembled  and
  • laserwelded.

 Progress-reduction in pre-stamping part










Tool-Concept for High-Current Cable-Shoes:

Advantage for our customers:
extremely reduced time-to-market; customer-specific cabel-shoes bend and plated as prototype as well as small batch series within 2 weeks are possible.














Autodesk INVENTOR and
Hexagon VISI



  • DWG
  • DXF



  • STEP
  • CATPart (Catia)
  • bedingt IGES