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Laser Marking


Laser marking essentially distinguishes between the following types of labeling:


Types of Laser Marking:

  • occasion lettering:
  • with stainless steels and titanium oxygen storage in the surface, 
  • white lettering, 
  • deep engraving, 
  • color removal e.g. of anodizing coatings for aluminum,
  • color change of plastics (usually additives in plastic required),
  • foaming of plastics,
  • ...

Advantages of Laser Marking:

  • longevity,
  • biocompatible for medical technology,
  • customizable,
  • space saving by data matrix code,
  • consecutive numbering can be generated (serial number, production date, ...),
  • cheap, f.e. no mask costs compared to pad printing, 
  • ...

Examples: Laser Marking with Tempering Colors on Steel/ Stainless Steel.

  Laser marking with tempering colors made of steel, stainless steel

and Contour Laser Cutted.

 Laser Cutting in Stainless Steel

Individual Household: Marking of Stainless Steel with Temper Colours.

Laserbeschriften in Anlasslassfarben

Industrial-PC: Removal of anodized surface.

 Abtrag der Eloxalschicht