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Electrical Sheets: Rotor- und Stator-Sheets by Full Service
Increased request of electrical sheets induced us to combine our technological experience and machinery to increase our service on electrical sheet that our customers are able to get rotor- and stator-packages finally assembled.

All out of one Hand:
Electrical Sheet metal on stock, laser-cutting, stacking and backing or welding - FINISH.

Your Advantage:
one partner in rotor- and stator-sheets, additional time for planing and set-up of your serial production.



  • data preparation and set-up of jigs,
  • lasercutting,
  • measuring und approval,
  • production,
  • packet assembling,
  • final product.


Following Examples
realised parts:

 Sheet Metal and Final Parts


Stock Material: 

M235-35, M235-50
M270-35, M270-50
M330-35, M330-50
M350-35, M350-50
NO30-1500, ...