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Prototyping in Sheet Metal

Laser cutting, embossing and bending or punching including electroplating, prototypes and small series - all from one source!

... we made a virtue out of necessity: a holistic concept for your parts.

So we usually produce your individual prototypes and small batches without proportional tool costs.
This makes us very flexible, efficient and cost-effective for small quantities - in extreme cases from quantity 1.
This is made possible by our modular bending system.


All out of one hand:

  • different raw material on stock
  • lasercutting also out of pre-stamped strips (f.e. pressfit area) by camera on machine)
  • coining, bending
  • stamping of functional areas (area smoothly cut f.e. 60%)
  • punching with progressive tool, depending on economic aspects 
  • assembly (f.e. bolds, nuts, ...)
  • laser engraving/ labeling
  • CNC-laserwelding (f.e. PCB-pressfit areas in Cu-alloys, bolts and theads in stainless steel, ...)
  • plating complete or partial by partners

sheet-metal, coined, final bended and plated part!


Advantage for the customer:
one single-contact for your prototypes and in your organisation the needed capacity for your process-definition in mass-productionen.



Abstract of our Machines:


- Laser cutting and precission-waterjet cutting machine


effective S Lasermaschine Trumpf Laser










Stiefelmayer Laser                                           Trumpf Laser  

Laser in Process












Measurement Machine Keyence IM-6125

 Digital Microscope Keyence VHX










Source: Keyence


- bigger lot sizes: process stamping


- Coining and bending-
mostly without any tool costs.
Starting from piece number 1 high efficient and economic.

Bending Progress of Parts

















- Plating by partners.

- Assembly:

  form-: i.e. crimp, tox,...

  force-: i.e. clip, force fitting, ... or

  material-locked: i.e. laser welding, laser soldering, glueing, ...

 Assembly of Bolts














Autodesk INVENTOR 3D

Autodesk AUTOCAD 2D

possible data-transfer:



  • DWG
  • DXF



  • STEP
  • CATPart (Catia)
  • bedingt IGES