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...we have made a virtue out of necessity:
Extreme delivery times in prototypes for us and our customers gave us the decission to start activities als in this business field.

Since some time we offer
prototypes and small batch series mostly without any tool costs.

This is the reason, why we are already for small batches starting from piece number 1 high efficient and economic.
Realized though our modular bending box.

All out of one hand:

  • different raw material on stock
  • lasercutting also out of pre-stamped strips (f.e. pressfit area) by camera on machine)
  • coining, bending
  • stamping of functional areas (area smoothly cut f.e. 60%)
  • punching with progressive tool, depending on economic aspects 
  • assembly (f.e. bolds, nuts, ...)
  • laser engraving/ labeling
  • CNC-laserwelding (f.e. PCB-pressfit areas in Cu-alloys, bolts and theads in stainless steel, ...)
  • plating complete or partial by partners

sheet-metal, coined, final bended and plated part!


Advantage for the customer:
one single-contact for your prototypes and in your organisation the needed capacity for your process-definition in mass-productionen.



Abstract of our Machines:


- Laser cutting and precission-waterjet cutting machine


effective S Lasermaschine Trumpf Laser










Laser im Prozess












Measurement Machine Keyence IM-6125

 Digital Microscope Keyence VHX










Source: Keyence


- reduced quality requirements in dimension or increased lot sizes: therefor: etching also reel-to-reel process possible-

- or even bigger lot sizes: stamping


- Coining and bending-
mostly without any tool costs.
Starting from piece number 1 high efficient and economic.!

Bending Progress of Parts

















- Plating by partners.

- Assembly:

  form-: i.e. crimp, tox,...

  force-: i.e. clip, force fitting, ... or

  material-locked: i.e. laser welding, laser soldering, glueing, ...

 Assembly of Bolts














Autodesk INVENTOR 3D

Autodesk AUTOCAD 2D

possible data-transfer:



  • DWG
  • DXF



  • STEP
  • CATPart (Catia)
  • bedingt IGES